Submit Quiz & Assignment guide

In this documentation, we have covered the procedure to submit quizzes & assignments in ChilloPaat CanvasLMS.

Step 1: Follow this guide for logging in to Chillopaat CanvasLMS.

Step 2: After logging in, you will see Dashboard which means you have successfully logged in to ChilloPaat CanvasLMS. From there, select the subject you want to submit the assignment or quiz of.

Step 3: There you will see the assignments and quiz which are due to submit. Click on one.

Step 4: In this step, we will submit an assignment. So, after clicking on Assignment Demo, we will see the due, points and all the question inside the assignment. Click on Submit Assignment to submit your assignment.

Step 5: Click on the Choose file button to select the assignment you have to submit. After selecting, you can add additional comments and then press on Submit Assignment.

Step 6: You have successfully submitted your assignment. Now let’s move on to quiz. For this, go back to the Dashboard and click on the respective subject. Inside the subject click on Quiz demo.

Step 7: There you can see due, points, no. of questions and time limit. Press on Take the Quiz.

Step 8: Carefully answer all the questions correctly and press on Submit Quiz at the bottom.

Step 9: You have successfully submitted your quiz. You can check your result immediately on the next page.

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