Start Conference Guide

In this documentation, we have covered the procedure to start a conference in Chillopaat Conference.

Step 1: To log in to the conference, follow this guide.

Step 2: To create a new chat room, click on the Create a Room button.

Step 3: Enter the name of the room in the text field.

  • Mute users when they join: Turn this on if you want to initially mute every participant.
  • Require moderator approval before joining: Turn this on if you want the meeting host to approve the entry of every participant.
  • Allow any user to start this meeting: Turn this off if you want only the host to start this meeting.
  • All users join as moderators: Turn this off if you want participants to join as normal users but not as hosts.
  • Automatically join me into the room: Turn this on if you want to join this meeting after you go into the link.

Click on the Create Room button after completing the process.

Step 4: After creating the room, you can see a new room along-side the Home Room.

Step 5: To share the invitation link, click on button to copy the link, and share the link with the participants.

Step 6: To start the meeting, click on button.

Step 7: After clicking on Start, you will see Speaking & Listening option. Select your option to join the meeting as a listener or speaker.

Step 8: If you joined as a speaker, you should pass an echo test then you are ready to start.