First Time Login

In this documentation, we have covered have covered the procedure to be enrolled to ChilloPaat Canvas LMS for the first time.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Press on the  Login button  from navigation bar from the top.

Step 3: Press on the login button under your school’s name.

Now choose your School,


For Example: If you are from PK Vidya Mandir, then press Login button under PK Vidya Mandir’s name.

Step 4: Click on the Forgot Password?


Step 5: Enter the email address you submitted during filling up the form and click on Request Password.


Step 6: As soon as you click on Request password, you will receive an email from Chillopaat – LMS. Click on the email. If the email doesn’t exist you can request for a new email by repeating Step-5. You can also check the Spam folder if you can’t see an email from us.

Step 7: There you can see “Click here to set a new password”. Click on that link.


Step 8: After clicking on “Click here to set a new password”, you will be redirected to a page where you can set new password for your ChilloPaat Canvas LMS. Enter a new password and enter same password under Confirm new password field too. The password must be of 8 or more character. After inserting your password, press Update Password.


Step 9: After setting your password you will be redirected to the login form as of Step-4. Enter your email address and password. You can tick the Stay Signed In checkbox so that you won’t have to re- login every time you visit.

Step 10: After logging in, you will see Dashboard which means you have successfully logged in to ChilloPaat Canvas LMS.

For visual walkthrough of above steps, watch this video.

Visit for more.

Thank-you for using ChilloPaat.