School Programs

Our complete package for Nepali School System includes a digital Student Information System (SIS), market-leading Learning Management System (LMS), and high-quality CDC-based course contents. With these evolving technologies and exclusive course contents, it will be efficient for you to educate the students, administer tests and quizzes, manage, track and store information like attendance, performance tracking, human resource, and more. Administrators, educators, students, and parents can have easy access to their relevant areas anytime, anywhere using our mobile app or connecting to our site from a computer or smartphone. Our system is easily customizable and can integrate with other useful applications.

Here are some of the key benefits of our package:

  • Dedicated institutional domain
  • CDC-based Interactive, engaging, customized, and managed digital course contents
  • Centralized and consistent delivery of learning contents
  • Learning on-demand (Anytime, Anywhere)
  • Easy tracking and reporting of progress and performance
  • Comprehensive assessment, grading, and communication tools (Assignment, Quizzes, Discussion, Announcement, Inbox, Calendar, Rubrics, Outcomes, Attendance)
  • Useful Apps integration, such as Zoom, Google Meet, TurnItIn, etc.
  • Parent engagement functionality
  • Analytics and cumulative records
  • Mobile App

We will be adding more courses as we foresee the need. Our motto is to help in the transformation of learning in Nepal which starts here, the grade level. For more information contact us or mail us at