• Can we access the class material beyond the interactive sessions?

    Yes, our customized classroom materials are accessible 24*7. In fact, we augment the materials covered in the interactive sessions by giving you access to assignments, quizzes, and discussion boards so that you can gain much more materials from our flexible approach to learning.

  • What is the difference between the School Information System (SIS) and the Learning Management System (LMS)?

    School Information System or School Management System or School Administration System is a management information system for educational facilities to manage their students’ data. On the other hand, the Learning Management System is an e-learning platform. It is used for administration, documentation, student tracking, reporting and delivery of courses and training programs.

  • What does ChilloPaat.com offer?

    Here are some of the main services we offer in our package:

    • High quality Digital Course Content which is continually maintained and upgraded
    • Flexible Learning Management System which is up 24×7
    • User friendly Student Information System to streamline your operations
    • Integration with video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet
    • On-going teacher, student and administrator trainings
    • On-going technical and data management support
    • Free cloud hosting
    • On-going system maintenance and upgrades

  • What type of course content do you have?

    Our digital learning platform is a content-driven system. Content is key when it comes to online learning. Our team of subject experts has rigorously worked to prepare course contents with models, presentations, relevant slides, videos, visualizations, etc. so as to make the classes effective and interesting. Our contents are designed as per the CDC guidelines. We upgrade our contents as needed by the CDC’s guidelines.

  • How can your platform supplement our physical (in-class) learning?

    Our content-driven digital learning platform does not replace the teachers or in-class learning, but it enriches the learning experiences. Here are some of the key benefits of using our digital learning platform to supplement your in-class learning:

    • Our content is dynamic and we can update the content as per CDC’s guidelines
    • Assignments and tests can be administered using our platform
    • Parents can easily monitor the progress of their child/children
    • Our students will be using the world-leading LMS that is used by the best schools in the world
    • Our teachers will have the flexibility to augment physical books with digitized contents
    • Our content includes questions banks and practice tests which will be very helpful for exam preparations
    • E-learning is the future and more and more colleges and universities around the world will have virtual programs and classes

  • What do you do to keep our data secured?

    Our platform has multiple level security mechanisms. We manage credentials at individual level and institution level which are encrypted and not shared with anyone other than the owners of the credentials. Also, our data is secured in secure cloud storage and while data transportation. Any communications done using our platform are over HTTPS and all personal passwords are encrypted. We do not collect any individual data that is not needed for the functioning of our platform and we guarantee that we do not share or sell any of your data or contents. We conduct regular security audits to detect any security breach.

  • What if a student misses a session due to some unforeseen circumstances?

    In such circumstances, your students can reap the benefit of the learning platform we provide with flexible learning as its main philosophy. They are not restrained to time and place and will be able to read the materials for the missed sessions, take part in on-going discussions and assessments and contact their educators within our system.

  • What types of resources are needed for me to take a course in ChilloPaat.com?

    Our platform is very light and you do not need to install any applications as long as you have a data plan with enough bandwidth to stream for the live sessions. Asynchronous classes will need even less bandwidth. You will be able to continue learning using any computer, smartphone or tablets anytime, anywhere.

  • As a parent, how can I see my child’s development?

    Teachers can continuously assess their students through assignments, projects, quizzes, and interactive sessions. Our learning portal has an area where parents can view their child’s progress. Parents have a vested interest in their child’s success and our system can be helpful to play the supporting cast.

  • What type of trainings do you offer to your partners?

    Apart from orientation and on-boarding training, we offer in-depth customized trainings to teachers, students and administrators.

  • Are the course contents customizable?

    Our course contents are CDC-based and, unlike printed books, it can be easily customized as per your needs. We continuously enhance our content to keep it relevant and aligned with the changes in the CDC guidelines.

  • Do you have a support team and how can we contact them?

    Yes, we have a dedicated support team and a dedicated point of contact for your school. We will share our contact information before the implementation phase. Needless to say, we uphold the highest standards for our support services.

  • What sector of schools is your platform designed for?

    We have designed our platform for both public and private schools of all sizes. We feel that our pricing is affordable for smaller schools. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our services and pricing. We will work with you to form a partnership which will be a win-win situation for both.