10th Grade Science

Duration: 3-6 months

The aim of this course is to encourage and enable students to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world, acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts.


Course Overview

The 10th Grade Science course is designed to help students become High School ready by ensuring they have a firm understanding of middle school science concepts. Course topics include:

  • Force
  • Pressure
  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Classification of Elements
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Acid, Base and Salt
  • Some Gases
  • Metals
  • Carbon and Its Compounds
  • Material Used in Daily Life
  • Invertebrate
  • Human Nervous and Glandular System
  • Blood Circulation in Human Body
  • Chromosome and Sex Determination
  • Reproduction
  • Heredity
  • Environmental Pollution and Its Management
  • History of Earth
  • Atmosphere and Climate Change
  • Green House
  • The Earth In The Universe