10th Grade English

Duration: 3-6 months

The 10th Grade English course is aligned with the Secondary Level English Curriculum and is developed with the intent of preparing students for their Higher Secondary School. The course covers a variety of materials from different genres, and includes student-engaging activities to help learners achieve competency in English LSRW in an integrated manner.


Course Overview

The 10th Grade English course is designed to help students become High School ready by ensuring they have a firm understanding of middle school English skills. Course topics include:

  • Giving, Withholding and Reporting Permission
  • Reporting Statements
  • Reporting Questions
  • Reporting Commands
  • Giving Advice and Warnings
  • Expressing Conditions (I)
  • Expressing Conditions (II)
  • Asking for Reasons, Purposes and their Responses
  • Expressing Unexpected Results
  • Describing Events
  • Expressing Preferences
  • Talking about Personal Experience
  • Talking about the Past (I): Narrating Past Events
  • Talking about the Past (II): Interrupted Continuous Action
  • Talking about the Past (III): Comparing Past and Present
  • Confirming and Denying
  • Agreeing and Disagreeing
  • Indicating Time and Motions
  • Interpreting Tables and Charts