10th Grade Science


10th Grade Science


The 10th Grade Science course is designed to help students become High School ready by ensuring they have a firm understanding of middle school science concepts. Course topics include:

  • Force
  • Pressure
  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Classification of Elements
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Acid, Base and Salt
  • Some Gases
  • Metals
  • Carbon and Its Compounds
  • Material Used in Daily Life
  • Invertebrate
  • Human Nervous and Glandular System
  • Blood Circulation in Human Body
  • Chromosome and Sex Determination
  • Reproduction
  • Heredity
  • Environmental Pollution and Its Management
  • History of Earth
  • Atmosphere and Climate Change
  • Green House
  • The Earth In The Universe

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  • Course Duration: 3-6 months
  • Category: Course,Grade-10,School Level Education
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